Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Snapshots

This week was halfway good and halfway not so good. The beginning of the week went really well at school and the last part of the week was pretty rough and exhausting. I'm so thankful for weekends to rest and relax!

Last weekend I saw my fourth free movie at the Alamo Draft house. They have the weirdest pre-show entertainment, but they also had two weeks of free movies for teachers, so it's ok. Insurgent was really good!
On Monday, we got to watch the 3rd grade performance. They did School House Rock and our kindergartners enjoyed it!
We had a birthday dinner on Monday night for one of my nieces and one of my nephews. My littlest niece was trying to roll over. She finally got it and then fell asleep in the middle of the floor. I guess rolling over is exhausting.
Happy Birthday to Sadie and Jacob!
My baby nephew's first t-ball game was on Wednesday. This cutie pie was excited to watch her big brother play!
It was a beautiful day for a t-ball game!
He did an awesome job hitting the ball. It's so fun to watch him play!
He kept fist pumping or waving at us when he did something. We were so proud of him!
On Friday, the younger graders had a special presentation to watch. This guy used puppets to tell our kids about how they can choose to be respectful and have a good attitude. The kids loved it!
This morning I went to brunch with my mom and step-dad. It was delicious! Chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite!
We got to hold baby ducks today! Day made!
My nephew held the baby duck and then he wanted to show his baby sister. She wanted to grab it!
We had Easter at my dad's. The kids did an egg hunt and then we took a grandkids picture.
Now I'm watching movies and inputting report card grades. 
Happy Weekend!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Snapshots

The first week back at school after Spring Break was kind of rough. For some reason I had lots of late nights on top of getting back in to the swing of things at school. I just might have slept unit 11:20am this morning to catch up on my sleep. It was glorious!

I went to see The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on Monday after school. It was nice to see a free movie on a school night. Very rebellious! :)
On Wednesday we went to the Rodeo and my baby nephew did mutton bustin'. He rode a sheep and didn't get thrown off! Woo hoo! This picture was taken afterwards. I'm not exactly sure how he was feeling about the whole experience. haha
My mom and I eating cotton candy and laughing a lot at nonsense with my sister. It was a really fun night!
At one point during the Florida Georgia Line concert everyone turned the flashlights on their phones on and it was kind of beautiful!
A crazy, big concert with 75,000 people. It's kind of fun!
On Friday after school, I had to get gas and pick up the RedBox movies I rented. After getting gas and before the RedBox, I passed a Bahama Bucks and thought…. hmmm maybe today should be backwards dinner Friday. I ordered a regular and this monster was delivered to my car window. I just might have eaten it all. No judgement. It was yummy!
Today I had delicious breakfast for lunch with one sweet friend and lounged around watching movies this afternoon with another. It's been a really relaxing and great rainy Saturday!
Hope your Sunday is equally as wonderful!