Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wun or Ralk?

Now that the weather is nice, I've been trying to get out of my house for a bit in the evenings, so I go on wuns or ralks. Yes, I made that up. I don't run the whole time and I don't walk the whole time. I need a hybrid word. I'm kind of a intervalist, if you will. Yup, that's another made up word. I run a bit. Then I walk a bit. There's not a whole lot of seriousness to what I do. My speed is determined by my ability to breathe, which can be a little tricky after running for a while. The health side of walking is a perk, but mostly it's just nice to unwind in a quiet, serene setting after a crazy day at school.

Sometimes there's really good people watching on the path. There are some interesting exercise contraptions and sweet old couples holding each other's pinkies while they walk. Those two old people were precious and a little slow, so I took off on a little running interval to pass them. There's also a woman with an empty double stroller that makes me laugh. I'm not sure if she had lost her kids or if she was planning on picking some up, but it seems a little silly to push an empty stroller. I want to cheer most people on because they're either hardcore running or keeping a pace better than my own, but I don't want to be too weird! Some people will smile as I pass by and others act like I don't exist, but that's no matter. 

The sun shines and the clouds glow from within. My wuns (I'm still not sure about this hybrid choice) have become somewhat of a happy place for me. I get to enjoy God's glory and I am reminded of his great care and attention to detail. If he puts such care into creating beautiful sunsets and making the wind skim my skin and blow my hair, then what amazing things must he have planned for my life? He uses the same care in all things and for that I am grateful!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars

I bought the book on Friday after school. I started reading it around 7pm and finished it around 2am. I couldn't put it down. It is a sweet story about two teens who meet at a support group for kids with cancer. Even though their struggles in life are unimaginable, for me at least, they learn to love one another despite their circumstances and find that there is magic to be had in life. The love that develops between the two is one that is both sweet and real. They know that life could end for either at any moment, so they fill their time with laughter, honesty, some sadness and lots of love.

If you haven't read The Fault In Our Stars, I highly recommend it! It's an easy read and will definitely leave you with a desire to live more, to love more, to laugh more and to be more honest with those around you. Life is unexpected for all of us and even though I don't have cancer, I want to live life like Hazel and Augustus. I want to live full out and love well! I want to surround myself with people who will probably hurt me, but who will be worth sticking it out for.

Here's to loving like Hazel and Augustus!
(Read the book and you'll agree!)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Snapshots

This week was a fun one! It was my birthday week! We began the week by doing a few home repair type tasks. My step dad changed out the light fixture over my kitchen table. I bought the new light months ago, so it was nice to get it out of the box and put it up.
I like the new light much better than the old. It's simple and pretty!
I also finally got around to painting a little spot that was made visible when my nest was installed. I don't have any painters tape, so I used washi tape. Why not??
My first birthday dinner was on Sunday night at a yummy steak house. They have the best bread! It was so nice to joke around with my cousins. They're pretty funny!
Birthday dinner number two with my family was on Monday- my actual birthday. We had Mexican food, of course! I didn't get a picture at my third birthday dinner on Wednesday with my dad and siblings, but all the celebrating with family was awesome!
Tuesday morning there was a really bad accident on my way to work, so I tried a different route, which gave me a better view of the sunrise that morning. It was beyond breathtaking. So grateful for these reminders of God's love and intricate care.
When I got home from work on Wednesday my mom, sister and baby nephew were all in my back yard. It's way fun to come home to people and it was even more fun to enjoy the backyard on a beautiful day!
I ordered caterpillars for us to watch grow and change in to butterflies in my classroom. My kids are loving watching them grow and they'll probably be in chrysalis form when we get back to school on Monday. The really strange thing is that I've now received three packages with three little containers of caterpillars. There must be a glitch in the ordering system. I guess we're going to watch lots of caterpillars turn in to butterflies. Yay spring!
I was so busy with birthday dinners that I only got to go on a walk one day this week, but it was another beautiful day. I'm learning to love this time outside. I might have come home after and eaten a cupcake. It was my birthday week after all!
Friday morning's sunrise was another gorgeous one. I might have missed a morning meeting that completely escaped my mind, but I got a picture of this. Oopsie!
After school I went to Target to buy a few things, but mostly I needed to get "The Fault in Our Stars." Sara recommended it to me and then I watched the trailer for the movie that's supposed to come out this summer. The book is usually way better than the movie, so I had to read it before the movie came out. I started reading it around 7pm and finished it around 2 am. It was that good!
Today is going to be full of movies and maybe a walk. I'm going to tackle some stuff for school and relax. There's not a whole lot else going on, so why not? I'll take the calm while it's here!
Hope your weekend is awesome too!

Monday, April 7, 2014

I'm 26!

Today is my 26th birthday and it feels a little weird to be 26. 25, 21, and even 18 weren't that big of a deal to me, but for some reason I feel like I'm supposed to have more figured out about life by 26. I know that this isn't necessarily the case, as I know I'll probably feel this way at every milestone (I know 26 isn't really a milestone year, but work with me here) for the rest of my life. Plus, I'm not even sure what I feel like I'm supposed to figure out about life anyway. If this year has taught me anything, it has been to cherish the people and moments that I'm a part of now. My 25th year of life was full of great laughter, love and adventures! Looking back from where I sit now, it's amazing all that God has brought in to my life. It's amazing that my bestest friends are scattered across the globe. I'm not just being dramatic either. New friends and community were brought in to my life in the last 12 months and I'm so thankful for it. Honestly, I'm so thankful that God has had better plans for my life than anything that I could have come up with up to this point. I could never have imagined this would be my life.  Even though I'm so grateful, I'm also a little nervous about what my 26th year will and won't bring. I know it's completely ridiculous to be nervous or to worry because life will be what it is. My hope this year is that I'll be all there wherever I am and wish less for things I don't necessarily have any control over. I'm still learning to live this life differently than I thought I would and being ever more appreciative for every moment of it.

The last two years, I shared random things about myself on my birthday, but I feel like I'm running out of random tid-bits, so this year, I thought I would share 26 things that I did this year. We'll see how this goes! Please feel free to tap out whenever you want! :)

1. I discovered raspberry lemonade chap-stick and life will never be the same.
2. I bought my first home and made it my own.
3. I learned how to replace water filters and air filters and many other home upkeep tasks.
4. I put together a ridiculous amount of furniture.
5. I had my first roommate and then she left the country. Her leaving had nothing to do with my roommateness, I promise.
6. I had several slumber parties with my baby nephew and I'm looking forward to his baby sister joining the mix in September.
7. I've worn my hair down more than I ever used to. Grown up status.
8. I met and fell in love with a new group of students.
9. I joined with Craft Hope to collect thousands of handmade hats, scarves and blankets to be sent to the at-risk kids and families I work with in Romania.
10. I saw Taylor Swift in concert. Woah!
11. I went to Romania for the second time and was able to serve some precious children and moms.
12. I modeled for a local headband company. It was a really awkwardly hilarious day!
13. I took road trips to Galveston, Rockport, Austin, Dallas, Lafayette and Waco.
14. I met Switchfoot. Enough said.
15. I saw Wicked for the third time. It's just that good!
16. I started going to a new small group and found community.
17. We took my baby nephew to Disney World for the first time.
18. I had my last formal 45 minute observation in my classroom.
19. I visited the Texas State Capitol for the first time.
20. I put up my first Christmas tree in my own home.
21. I made a bowl on a potter's wheel on New Year's Eve.
22. I read so many books that challenged my faith and the way I interact with others.
23. I saw Jon Foreman in concert, met bears and visited my oldest friend in one weekend.
24. I started walking/running when the weather is nice. I'm a fare weather walker.
25. We had several ice days this year and I did absolutely nothing on those days.
26. I stood up for myself at work. 

It's been a jam packed year. I'm looking forward to another year with new experiences!
Hope you have a great week!