Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday Snapshots

My first week back in the States was full of family, friends and relaxing! I was bummed to have to come home from Romania after only two short weeks, but I was also excited to come home to my people. I haven't gotten a chance to upload all of my pictures from my trip, but I am working on it! Hopefully I'll get a chance to share some on here soon.

Last weekend I went with my mom and step-dad to our favorite breakfast place. After eating, we went to get pedicures. This guy got a manicure as well. He might have even started snoring during his pedicure massage. I laughed a lot.
My nephew and I made some glitter glue art this week. This is his favorite stuffed animal, so we used him as inspiration for one of our art pieces.
I love this blue eyed mess. I found her first two teeth coming in. That was fun!
We made some rice krispie treats for our time at the Great Wolf Lodge this weekend. And because we love America we gave them some red, white and blue flair.
I hope you are enjoying your Fourth of July!