Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Snapshots

This week was crazy! I am SO glad it is over. It began with parent teacher conferences, was filled with meetings and ended with me feeling a little less bogged down. There is still a lot of ridiculousness happening at school (not with my students), which I hope will be better in coming days, but I'm thankful that we are past this past week. Praise Jesus!

Last weekend, we decorated pumpkins. Little miss was clearly having a blast!
I put her initial on the back of her pumpkin.
This has been my prayer in the past weeks because clearly the hard things that I'm dealing with aren't going away, so I'm having to change my thinking and pray that I will be braver and more compassionate and more patient. Yes, the dreaded patience. This life is hard though and I need all the help I can get!
I decided to be the donut fairy at school on Friday morning. After our crazy week, we needed a sweet little pick me up! It's fun to share some donut happiness.
I had to be out of my classroom for a half day on Friday morning because I had to go to a meeting. I'm sure my classroom was crazy. It's never easy to be out, especially for meetings.
In the afternoon, we decided to go outside for sneaky recess. It was necessary for all of us to unwind, enjoy the day and play. We traced our hands with chalk and my kiddos colored their hearts out. So thankful they're forgiving when we're out.
I spent some time today holding this precious one. After going to a craft show this morning and enjoying some time with my mom, sister, nephew and niece this afternoon, the others went to do other things while I got to love on her. Such sweet snoozing!
I hope you've been having a great week. If you're dealing with hard things like I am, I am praying for you to be brave too! Hope you have a happy weekend!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Saturday Snapshots {On a Monday}

Life has taken over and I hardly have time to update this little space. It's kind of sad really. Last week was full of IEP meetings and planning for conferences. Luckily, we had parent teacher conferences today, so that's over with now. Praise Jesus! 

My sister, niece and nephew came over last Sunday to play. There was lots of swinging, so we could soak up the beautiful day!
This cutie has developed such a little personality!
I have eaten way too many candy corn over the past several weeks. Yay fall!
This past week was Pink Week at school. We all got this sweet treat from our office staff. It was a great surprise!
I love, love beautiful mornings!
After four years of teaching, I was given my first apple by one of my students. So cliche, but so sweet!
While walking last week, I was blown away by this sight. Rays of sun are one of my favorite reminders of God! So thankful for reminders of His love for me!
I'm hoping and praying for calmer days at school and shorter to-do lists. We shall see how this week goes. I hope your week is wonderful!