Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday Snapshots

We only have a couple of weeks of summer left and I can feel every last fun adventure squeezing itself in to my remaining days of freedom. My summer days have been packed with all of the best things and for that I am grateful!

Last weekend I went to visit my friend, Heather, in Waco. On Saturday we went to Magnolia Market. There were so many people there that it made it hard to see all the cuteness. I did buy a shirt though to make the trip official.
The shop isn't very big at all. I can't wait to visit when they move in to the Silos.
We also went to Homestead Heritage. It's a beautiful little place right outside Waco. We had a delicious lunch and I drank my weight in raspberry lemonade. I even took a huge to go cup home. It's definitely worth a visit and a yummy drink if you're in the area.
I headed home on Sunday. I love road trips!
My nephew had three basketball games this week. His last one was today. I'm going to miss these comical games. It's a shame the "season" just ended as they were all starting to get the hang of how the game goes.
I went on several walks this week and enjoyed the sunsets. It's a great way to wind down.
My baby nephew and I went to get my truck washed one day this week. He enjoyed squirting my truck and eating the popcorn. Field trips at their finest!
He also wanted to help put this huge pile of bark mulch around the trees at my mom's. He moved a couple of shovelfuls and was done.
So my house is in disarray this week. I'm having some work done, so everything is covered in plastic. Luckily, I have sanctuary in my bedroom. 
On Friday night I went to this bridge in Houston with my co-teacher and her family to see the bats fly out at dusk. It was a pretty fun adventure!
I couldn't believe how many bats there were. They just kept coming and coming until it was almost too dark to see them.
I hope your summer days have been filled with adventures too!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Snapshots

This week was great! It was full of my best friends and family. I can't imagine a better week!

I went to a baseball game last weekend with my co-teacher and her family. They had a ceremony at the beginning of the game for soldiers who will be heading off to the Middle East soon. It reminded me of how grateful I am for their service and my freedom.
It was a great game and we ate lots of yummy ball park food.
On Sunday, my mom and step-dad came over to help me with some minor home repairs. Darrell nailed down some flashing on my roof.
Then we got busy pressure washing my house, driveway and sidewalk.
I sprayed the whole house down with cleaning stuff and then we rinsed it off with the pressure washer. It only took us 6+ hours and I felt awful after, but yay, it's done! My house is all clean now.
I added some fun things to my "be my guest" box. There's tissues, toothbrushes, tooth paste, deodorant, lotion, germ-x, and chap stick. I'm ready to have some guests over!
I got to spend a lot of time with this one this week. She came over each morning and we played, napped and ate. She's growing up so fast.
I put up my arrows and I think I like them. haha.
We bought her two babies this week. When we took one of the babies away to pay for it, she freaked out. She calmed right down when we gave it back to her. Woah! Babies taking care of babies.
The summer heat isn't so bad after 8. Before that it's rough.
She's pulling up and standing and she just needs to stop.
This guy had two basketball games this week. His team is actually starting to get the hang of things. He made a basket at his Tuesday game and two at his Thursday game. Watch out world!
I went to the beach with Sara on Friday. It was nice to get away, relax and catch up with her. It had been too long.
After the beach, I headed the other way to visit Heather in Waco. We went to get frozen yogurt and their machine was down, so whatever you put in your bowl was $4. We might have gotten a little carried away, but it was yummy!
I'll share pictures from the rest of my Waco adventure next weekend! Sadly, there's only a few weeks left of summer and lots of fun to be had. I hope you're enjoying your summer too!